Citi Bike

Meet our bikes

Our eye-catching bikes are durable, easy to use, and built to fit everyone.

Citi Bike’s newest ebike

Power up your ride with double the battery life, a stronger motor, and more seat height options. Riding after sunset? See—and be seen—with a bright LED front light and reflective paint.

The original ebike

Enjoy a smooth, breezy ride thanks to always-on pedal assist. Find an ebike by tapping the 🚲 icon in the Lyft app and looking for the ⚡ symbol.

Keeping it classic

The classic bicycles were designed for easy riding in an urban environment. They were built to be comfortable for any type of rider, regardless of height, or riding ability.

Get started

Tap the 🚲 (bike) icon to select a station near you. Then scan the QR code on the rear fender to unlock and you’re ready to ride!

Pre-ride check

  1. Adjust the seat to fit your height
  2. Check the tires and squeeze the brakes
  3. Something feel amiss? Dock the bike and hit the red “wrench” button. Then choose a different bike.
  4. Pedal to start — and get going.

Where to ride

Please ride your bike in the street or in a bike lane when it’s available. And don’t ride on the sidewalk — unless it’s part of a designated route or you’re about to park.

Follow traffic laws

NYC motor vehicle laws apply to cars, scooters, and yep: bicycles. This means you must stop at red lights and stop signs, ride in the same direction as traffic, and leave crosswalks clear for pedestrians.

Pack your helmet

Please always wear a helmet. It’s the safer way to ride (and all the cool kids are doing it).

Ending your ride

End your ride by returning your bike to any available docking station. Then, slide your bike into the dock and wait for the light to turn green (this confirms that it’s locked).

Citi Bike, Citi Bike and Arc Design and the Blue Wave are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.