Citi Bike


Training the next generation of ride leaders to start bike clubs in their communities.

Partner Codes

If your organization wants to lead bike rides on your own, you can request free codes to access Citi Bike rides free of cost. Ride participants can activate the codes from home and pick up a Citi Bike from anywhere in our system. Our goal is to help community members increase their familiarity with Citi Bike, reduce financial barriers to getting started, and enjoy cycling within their neighborhood.

How it Works
Partner Codes are Citi Bike Day Passes with extended free ride times of up to 2 hours over a 24 hour period. Your organization will receive a batch of these codes. Rides must stay within the Citi Bike service area.

Get Involved
To be considered for Partner Codes, please send an email with information about your organization and how you would like to utilize these codes to

Previous partners have used these codes:

  • Apex For Youth provided codes for participants in their mentoring program to take mentor/mentee bike rides.
  • GreenThumb led group tours of Community Gardens in North Brooklyn.
  • Bergen Bike Bus offers codes to parents who don’t have bikes that want to join their kids in biking to school.

Group Ride Support:

If your organization wants to put on a larger group ride, but doesn’t know where to begin, you can reach out to us for group ride support. Our team will connect you with a trained ride leader, offer free access to Citi Bikes, and assist in planning these rides.

How it Works
Community organizations interested in hosting a bike ride will be connected with a Ride Leader to discuss and plan routes and logistics, supported by Citi Bike. Host organizations will receive funding to plan and execute a ride. Ride Leaders will be on hand for safety logistics and day-of ride support, while Citi Bike will provide bikes free of cost.

Rides can have themes, extend to further group activities post-ride, and can be as creative as you’d like!

Get Involved
If you are interested in hosting a Community Bike Ride, please send an email with information about your organization and a short ride proposal to

Examples of past bike rides:

  • RISE Project hosted multiple successful community rides to raise awareness about gun violence and domestic violence by integrating public health, healing centered, and restorative justice strategies.
  • Drip Sweat hosted a “Came Thru’ Drippin” community ride to promote health and wellness to the Washington Heights, Inwood, and Harlem neighborhoods by raising awareness of the various POC owned fitness studios and free fitness oriented organizations.