Citi Bike


Get those good vibes, free rides, and more. Whether you’re after a free membership extension or some limited-edition Bike Angels swag, working more rides into your routine is the way to do it.

Cash in your points

As you take more rebalancing rides, we’ll tally up points in your Citi Bike account—they never expire! Use these points to redeem rewards from the rewards store, found in the Bike Angel profile in the app.

Ebike credits (10 points): Ebike credits (10 points): Get 10 minutes in credit for riding ebikes. We’ll automatically apply this credit to your next ebike ride.

Lyft credit (10 points): Get $1.50 in credit. We’ll automatically apply this credit to your next Lyft, bike, or scooter ride.

Membership extension (20 points): Extend your membership from your original renewal date. Redeem up to 4 weeks each month. When you redeem the fourth week, we’ll extend your membership for a full 30 days.

E-gift card (100-1,000 points): Redeem $10 to $200 the more you save up. We’ll add this value to an e-gift card, sent via email by the end of the following month.

Lifetime achievements

Track your journey as a Bike Angel—every point you earn is added your lifetime tracker. Lifetime points don’t reset, adding up to automatically earn you special swag as you hit new points milestones.

Lifetime badges image
Joy Rider (250 points): Once you hit 250 Bike Angels points, you’ll earn extended ride time on classic bikes (60 minutes where there was once only 45!) and be ready to score some style points with a Joy Rider pin.

Casual Cruiser (500 points): A Bike Angels water bottle will keep you going the distance. Plus, you can proudly don your Casual Cruiser pin everywhere you ride.

Steady Pedaler (1,500 points): Flash your Citi Bike key and Steady Pedaler pin on your next ride, and those who are in the know will know, you know?

Hustlin’ Hero (2,500 points): These biking gloves are badass. And as an extra little show of thanks for all the rides, we’re throwing a Hustlin’ Hero pin your way, too.

Power Angel (5,000 points): Not many make it here, but those who do will be rewarded with a backpack and coveted Power Angel pin.

*The program and rewards are subject to change and may not be available to all members. You must maintain your membership to continue accessing associated rewards. Subject to Citi Bike Terms of Use.

Pro Tips

Get rewarded for rebalancing

You’ll earn points only for a ride that moves a bike from a crowded station and docks somewhere low on wheels. The total points you’ll earn on a ride is simple addition: pickup points plus drop-off points.

Watch your app

Use your Citi Bike app to find bright pink high-points stations and to track all the points you’ve earned. But if you happen to grab a bike from your linked Lyft app, it’ll still earn you points.